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Study in France – a typical number of scholarships – Evariste Galois

2.1. Bourse ‘Evariste Galois »

Evariste Galois scholarship program is perhaps the scholarship program of the French government that many students learn best Vietnam by sending the object records most widely. In Vietnam, this scholarship by the French Embassy in Vietnam record and review general management, so many students are often called “the Embassy Scholarships». (Source http://www.ambafrance-vn.org/)

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Target audience and providing scholarships

The goal of this scholarship program is to train technical staff, managers of economic, administrative future of Vietnam by the French see it as their partners in the future. On the other hand, this program is also in the framework of the cooperation program between France (through the French Embassy in Vietnam) and Vietnam in the areas of training, research and development.

Scholarship Program is open to citizens of Vietnam (under 40, are students or new graduates are going to do) want to study a Master degree studies (Master of Research, Dr.) at a university (Université) or large schools (Grandes ecoles) of France.

The number of scholarships and professional priorities vary scholarship school year, depending on the orientation and development needs of Vietnam as well as cooperation between France and Vietnam. For example, 75 were granted scholarships for the academic year 2008/2009 in the areas of basic sciences, engineering sciences, economics & management, political science & law.

Criteria and selection time

The selection of students for scholarships based on academic, academic-research, pursuing higher education in France … of the contestants. Document needs to present a research topic or an interesting project to study, with consistent and meaningful for the development of Vietnam’s relations with France.

To apply for a scholarship to study law as his doctoral thesis, students need to find a doctoral institution (École doctorale) received undergraduate and a professor guiding research before applying for scholarships. The relationship between research and the research center is also a factor to be considered in the selection process records.

Scholarship application form Studying in France is the website of the French Embassy in Vietnam in November every year and the timely filing usually lasts until about the end of that year in December or early January next year . For example, to apply for scholarships Studying in France for the 2008-2009 school year, records should be sent to the Scholarship Office of the Embassy of France in Vietnam before December 31, 2007. Results will be announced to each participant with a valid dossier about in April.

Some scholarship applications will be forwarded to Evariste Galois scholarship Ile-de-France region in the framework of cooperation between this region and the French Embassy in Vietnam. In the past, about 10 records have been transferred to the scholarship Ile-de-France. Results are usually announced in June-July. In addition to the criteria that the records have enrolled in a school in Ile-de-France region, other criteria have not been widely reported. For more details, you can contact directly with the Scholarship Office of the Embassy of France in Vietnam.

The value of scholarships and other incentives

Students receiving scholarships Evariste Galois of the French government and by CNOUS CROUS in local management. CROUS monthly cash scholarships to account for students. In addition, many other support CROUS on paperwork, housing … for students. Students receiving scholarships Evariste Galois enjoy the basic rights are:

ü Free interview, the visa fee (Visa)

ü Grant € 767 per month (10 months for Masters degree and 15 months for Ph.D. degree in 3 years, divided into three terms: 3-month-6thang 6thang)

Free tuition and registration fees at universities and large schools of France. This might range from several hundred to several thousand euros, depending on regulations.

Health insurance, health insurance supplement, civil liability insurance

Support costs of buying a computer (2006-2007: € 651 maximum for master’s degree; on € 1000 for Master in informatics maximum € 1,631 for Ph.D. degree)

Support costs of printing the thesis report (2006-2007: € 261 up for practice report; maximum € 651 for master’s thesis; maximum € 1,631 for Ph.D. thesis)

Support the rent when not in the dormitory of CROUS management (€ 146 per month if rent above € 188 per month, € 73 per month if the rent from € 146 to € 188)

PhD students are paid two-way airfare for each period studied in France (3 times / 3 years)

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